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Hi, we are Michael & Virginia Darragh owners of Wire Wiz Electrician Services, and we want to thank you for visiting our website. We are a family owned and operated local electrician services company, and have been in business for over 30 years.


Wire Wiz Electrician Services is a licensed [N.J. Lic.#14668A], bonded, and insured provider of residential electrical services based in Egg Harbor Township, and serving all of Atlantic and Cape May Counties in New Jersey. Our team of qualified electricians are drug tested and background checked. All are wear the Wire Wiz Electrician Services uniform when on a call.

Wire Wiz Electrician Services is a local electrician honored to receive a 100% recommendation rating on HomeAdvisor, a Yelp recommendation, and the Angie’s List Super Services Award seven times since 2014 for serving South Jersey and Shore locations including; Absecon, Atlantic City, Brigantine, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway Township, Linwood, Longport, Margate, MarmoraMays Landing, Northfield, Ocean City, Pleasantville, Somers Point, and Ventnor.

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Family Owned vs Franchise Owned?

Which Will Serve You Better?


  • Be wary of the electrician/salesperson who pushes service contracts!


  • Using travel fees as leverage to have you agree to a contract!


  • Inflated estimates can increase the cost of electrical work dramatically!


  • Be cautious of the electrician/salespersons who cares more about their profits than the work you actually need done!


Since we are family owned local electrician service, and not franchise owned, we can operate more cost effectively, and pass those savings on to our customers. Wire Wiz Electrician Services cares more about actually doing electrical work, rather than financing a profitable franchise or selling costly service contracts to our customers. Many of these franchised companies charge expensive travel fees just to come out to price a job, which may become wasted money if the estimate is far more than anticipated, or if the customer feels pressured to have to do the work that day without a second opinion.


The need to have an electrician do work in your home can be a daunting experience. It is important to be wary of the electrician/salesperson that charges a travel fee and then pressures you into doing the work just to save that fee. We suggest you obtain a second opinion for peace of mind and to be sure the work is necessary. The Wire Wiz Electrician Services way is to provide prices to our customers over the phone as often as possible because we are confident in our expertise and extensive knowledge base. This will save you travel fees and rid you of being vulnerable to inflated estimates, prices and the fear of being taken advantage of. We pride ourselves on utilizing our years of experience to properly execute our electrical work, to price our work honestly, appropriately, and up front with no hidden costs. The stress of our current economy often has a direct effect on the choices one makes when it comes home improvement budgets; so choose wisely. You can always count on Wire Wiz Electrician Services to provide exceptional service with the personal attention and value you’d expect from a family owned business.

Wire Wiz Electrician Services handles small jobs from replacing switches, outlets and light fixtures, to big jobs like upgrading electrical services, or rewiring an entire home. Our electricians have the skill and experience to provide electrical services to both homeowners and commercial companies. Wire Wiz Electrician Services always answers your calls live, and provides same-day service and emergency repairs by experienced professional electricians.


We understand the qualities that are most important to you and your families, such as safety, dependability, prompt service, affordable repairs, expertise in code compliance, and professionalism as your electrician. These are the qualities our company exemplifies with every job.


Give us a call today to learn more about our local electrician services and talk to us about how we can help you!


We fulfill all of your emergency and contract needs

Our electrician services are listed below

2014 Angies List Super Service Award for Wire Wiz Electrician Services. Awarded 7 times since 2014.
Wire WIz Electrician Services | Recessed Lighting Design & Installation

Recessed Lighting

Design & Installation

Wire WIz Electrician Services | Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical Panel

Service Upgrades

Wire WIz Electrician Services | Bathroom Lighting Specialists

Bathroom Lighting

Installation Specialists

Wire WIz Electrician Services | Ceiling Fan Installation | Content 1

Ceiling Fan


Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Basement Lighting Speciailists | Home

Basement Lighting

Installation Specialists

Wire WIz Electrician Services | Kitchen Lighting Specialists | Home

Kitchen Lighting

Installation Specialists

Wire WIz Electrician Services | Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

Bathroom Exhaust Fan


Wire Wix Ellectrician Services | Attic & House Fan Installaion | Home

Attic Roof & Gable Fan


Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Electrical Oultet Repair

Electrical Outlet

Repair Services

Wire WIz Electrician Services | Knob & Tube Removal

Knob & Tube Removal

Electrical Upgrade

Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Outdoor & Motion Lighting

Outdoor & Motion Lighting


Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Home Safety Inspections

Electrical Home

Safety Inspections

Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Pendant Lighting Installation Specialists

Pendant Lighting

Installation Specialists

Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Dimmer Switch Installation | Content 5

Dimmer Switch


Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Digital Thermostat Installation | Home Page

Digital Thermostat


Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Programmable Lighting Control Systems | Home Page

Programmable Lighting

Control Systems

Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Baseboard Heating Installation | content 01

Baseboard Heating


Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Holiday Lighting Safety | Home Page

Holiday Lighting

Safety Inspection

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Outdoor & Motion Lighting0%

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Our Professional Electricians at Wire Wiz Electrician Services are the best of the best… How else could we offer 100% satisfaction?


When you need quality and a reliable electrician you can count on Wire Wiz Electrician Services being the company to call. You deserve an Electrical company that is dedicated to putting you first. Wire Wiz Electrician Services has built a stellar reputation for the extra care and attention to detail that you’ll appreciate; with fair value that puts you in control and can help you save. Experience the Wire Wiz Electrician Services level of customer service and value when you need an Electrician in Southern New Jersey and Shore Locations.


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Wire Wiz Electrician Services is proud to be available to service their community 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days per year!


In an EMERGENCY a live person will be available to speak with you when you call.


You can be confident that Wire Wiz Electricians will be able to help you anytime you need them.


If you are calling during business hours our team will be happy to answer your questions and schedule your appointment with one of the Wire Wiz Electricians. They will always be ready to take care of your service needs.