Do your home lights flicker occasionally?


Many Atlantic and Cape May County homeowners experience this same problem. If you do too, you should get it checked out as soon as possible. While it may not be a big deal, it could also mean larger and more dangerous electrical issues in your home. A service entrance cable replacement may be required to ensure the safety of your home.

Common causes of flickering lights:


A faulty light bulb
If only one light is flickering in your home, try replacing the bulb with another one. If you have a fluorescent or CFL bulb on a dimmer switch, replace it with an LED. Most CFL’s do not work correctly on dimmers and may flicker as a result.


A large appliance turning on
Take note of when your home lights flicker. When a large appliance like an air conditioner, heat pump, washer or dryer turns on, it pulls a lot of electricity, which can temporarily take some of the electric current away from the rest of your home and cause your lights to flicker.


Too many outlets/lights on a circuit
In older Atlantic and Cape May County area homes, it is not uncommon for your home’s circuits to be overloaded with too many outlets, lights or appliances. Try unplugging some of your appliances from the wall and see if the problem goes away. A licensed electrician can check your breakers for overload and recommend any fixes in this situation.


Loose connections
If your homes lights are flickering and it doesn’t seem to be a result of a large home appliance turning on or an overloaded circuit, you may have a loose electrical connection in your main electrical panel or elsewhere. Loose connections are big problems and should be addressed as soon as possible. However, you should remain safe around electricity and call a professional.


A power grid problem
Lastly, talk to your neighbors and find out if they experience lights flickering in their homes at similar times. If so, it could be that the power supply to your neighborhood is inadequate or being interrupted. Call your electric company and have them come inspect the line into your home and measure for the correct voltage.


There, of course, could be other electrical problems causing your Atlantic and Cape May County area home lights to flicker, but these are the most common.

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Service Entrance Cable Replacement and Fire Protection

The fire-protection association offers these warning signs of electrical problems:


• Frequent blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Investigate the problem, and don’t simply install a bigger fuse or repeatedly reset the circuit breaker.


• A shock when you touch an appliance. Unplug the appliance and discontinue use.


• Discolored or warm wall outlets, or sparks from an outlet. These are serious danger signs. Do not use the outlet or switch.


• A persistent burning smell coming from an appliance, room or area of the house. This can indicate that an appliance is overheating or malfunctioning. Unplug the appliance or turn off the circuit breaker.


• Cracked insulation on extension cords. Replace extension cords every few years. They cost only a few dollars, which should explain why they need to be replaced frequently.


• Flickering or dimming lights. This could indicate a short in the wiring, dangerous arcing or an overextension of your home’s electrical systems.


In all cases, call Wire Wiz Electrician Services as soon as possible to schedule an inspection and repairs. Your home may require a service entrance cable replacement along with an Electrical Home Safety Inspection to ensure your family is safe.


Real-time Flickering of All Lights


If all lights in your home or a specific region in your home flicker continuously in real-time, then the cause is likely power arcing. Arcing is a potentially dangerous issue that occurs when nearby wire connections completes an electrical current. This arcing draws power, which can be witnessed by the flickering lights of your home. Arcing generates heat, which in some cases can directly lead to a house fire. Call Wire Wiz Electrician Services immediately if a region of your home is experiencing flickering of lights in real-time.
In addition to arcing, other causes of potentially dangerous flickering include a failing electrical switch and abnormal loads being created by a neighbor’s house.


An Electrical Home Safety Inspection may be necessary and in some cases the electrical panel and service upgrades may be required to ensure the safety of your home. The service upgrades may include meter socket replacement and/or service entrance cable replacement. We will get to the bottom of your electrical issues the day you call.

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