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Probably the most under-utilized space in your home, the basement and lower level is a blank canvas ready to be transformed into just about anything you can imagine. Consider the amazing potential that lies beneath the main level of your home: home theater, game room, exercise room, billiard room, wine cellar, in-law suite, or perhaps as an additional source of income with a renter. The possibilities really are endless! Whatever your vision Wire Wiz Electrician Services basement lighting installation specialists can help you brighten up that space.

Basement Lighting Installation Specialists

The process of finishing or remodeling your basement can seem daunting.


This is why selecting a basement lighting specialist, Wire Wiz Electrician Services, can help alleviate problems with electrical design and installation.


With over 30 years of experience behind us and a team of expert electricians, Wire Wiz Electrician Services can help you every step of the way. We take pride in our reputation for exceeding client expectations by listening to your vision, creating lighting designs specific to your needs and budget

Transforming Your Space:

If you are considering transforming your basement into an extension of your home, then talking with Wire Wiz Electrician Services Basement Lighting Specialists will be a perfect collaboration.


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If you have already partnered with a designer or contractor, we can work with them too.


Home Theaters and Playrooms


Let’s say you want to convert your basement into a recreation area with a home theater.  A combination of track and recessed lighting might be just the ticket.  Installing dimmer switches will also allow you to turn the lights down low when watching a movie.


If you want all or part of the basement area to serve as a playroom, you can consider bright and cheery light fixtures that are ‘kid safe’ so that the active kids don’t run into safety risks from broken bulbs, etc. If reading or talking or doing crafts is an option you are considering, you can select energy efficient light fixtures that provide a good color balance. A wide variety of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are available that will work in table and floor lamps as well as ceiling fixtures.

Track Lighting or Recessed Lighting

Track lighting is inexpensive and attractive and can be used just about anywhere. It can provide both ambient and accent lighting and is very easy to install. Unfinished basements have open ceilings that lend themselves to running new electrical sources to just about any part of the basement and then covering up the work with an attractive drop-ceiling. A word of caution: if your ceiling is 7 feet or lower, track lighting may not be a good option to consider since a 6+ footer runs the risk of bumping into to it and/or having the glare shine directly into their eyes. Recessed lighting is an alternative to consider if you have a low ceiling. If you consider these, try to avoid the harsh look usually resulting from fluorescent fixtures. Instead, you can select recessed incandescent can-type lighting that can be either spot or floodlights. If you use a dimmer switch with these lights you may find the effect very attractive. Keep in mind that you are dealing with older, less energy efficient technology when you use incandescents, but sometimes these are the only practical considerations when you’re dealing with low ceilings.


Here are a few other minor considerations to keep in mind when thinking about basement lighting: You made need additional power sources installed in your circuit box. Consult with Wire Wiz Electrician Services once you have your lighting plan outlined and we think you need to upgrade, our electricians take care of it. Taking the risk of using insufficient power feeds for your new lighting set-up is simply not worth the bother and the eventual added costs to do some ‘ripping out and upgrading.


We have a reputation for excellent customer service. When you chose Wire Wiz Electrician Services you know the project will always be done right the first time. The project is not finished until you are 100% satisfied with our work. Don’t wait! Call today. Let’s get started!