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A customer called for an electrician in Ventnor New Jersey  and had an issue with their smoke detectors; they explained to us that the smoke detectors would not stop beeping. It annoyed them so much that they took them down and took out the batteries. When Wire Wiz Electrician Services in Ventnor New Jersey  arrived and saw how old the smoke detectors were we recommended that they replace them with new ones and they wouldn’t experience the problem any longer. Many older smoke detectors will keep beeping even after replacing the battery.


After replacing the old smoke detectors with new ones the beeping stopped. We explained to the customer that it was really important that these newly installed smoke detectors should be inspected yearly and that the battery should be replaced every year as well. We also explained that no matter how annoying the beeping sound is that they shouldn’t be taken down but they should call Wire Wiz Electrical Services to inspect the problem right away.


If you have a similar problem or you need something installed browse our website. We are a local electrician in Ventnor New Jersey and are a phone call away; we offer a wide variety of electrical services.


Wire Wiz Electrician Services offers 24/7 emergency service.  Wire Wiz Electrician Services is a local electrician in Ventnor New Jersey, family owned and operated. All our expert electricians have been trained and have been background checked. Safety is our primary concern and customer service is our top priority. We provide electrical service you can trust when you need it.

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More About Smoke Detectors

In newly constructed homes smoke detectors are required to be hardwired according to NEC code. Hardwired simply means that the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are wired to receive 120 volt and they are wired together. This is so that when one smoke detector alarms then all of the smoke detectors will do the same. This also means that smoke detectors cannot be just battery operated. The 120 volt smoke detectors take a 9 volt battery and this battery needs to be replaced at least once a year for proper operation.


Smoke detectors are required to be placed in each bedroom and outside of each room. Smoke detectors should be placed on each story of a residence and hallways should have a carbon monoxide detector. They make smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors built into one combo unit. So this makes it easier for installation, these combo detectors will cost more but they are well worth it.


If you have a basement smoke detectors are required to be installed there as well. Attics and crawl spaces are also a good idea when a furnace or water heater has been placed within these areas. Even though older homes do not have hardwired smoke detectors it would be wise to install these within your home. Hardwired are better because all smoke sectors will alarm when there is a problem. Have Wire Wiz Electrician Services evaluate what best fits your needs within your home.