Enhance the atmosphere in your home with a dimmer switch installation.


Dimmer switches are the perfect way to enhance the atmosphere of any home. Simply updating your switches can turn a boring room into a warm and inviting sanctuary, and can do wonders for the overall ambiance of your living environment.


Wire Wiz Electrician Services electrical experts have been transforming homes in the Atlantic and Cape May County areas for many years. Whether it’s for a romantic, soft glow in a dining room, darker setting for movie watching on a Saturday night, or creating a welcoming atmosphere for your home, our professional dimmer switch installation service can help you find the perfect feel.

Dimmer Switch Installation Reduces Your Electric Bill:


It’s pretty amazing how installing a single dimmer switch can change a room. It also saves money on your electrical bill by reducing the amount of light you use. Call Wire Wiz Electrician Services today for upfront pricing and reliable dimmer switch installation. Some applications for a dimmer switch installation in your home are;


• Dining Room Ambiance
• Bedside Lighting
• Theaters
• Dining Room Chandeliers
• Recessed Lights
• Master Bath Ambiance
• Living Room Ambiance

How a dimmer switch installation works.

When you’re furnishing your home, light is everything. The light level in a room dictates what you can and can’t do, and it has an enormous effect on how you feel. You can’t read very easily by a single candle, for example, and a romantic dinner for two isn’t so romantic under a 1,500-watt halogen lamp.


The problem is that people need to use some rooms for multiple purposes, and these different purposes call for varying amounts of light. Enter the dimmer switch installation, a handy electrical component that lets you adjust light levels from dark to fully lit by simply turning a knob or sliding a lever.


You will feel secure that Wire Wiz Electrician Services does it all.


Create your own lighting ambiance with a customized dimmer switch installation. Call Wire Wiz Electrician Services today to set the atmosphere you want in your home.


The New and Improved Way of the Dimmer Switch Installation


Instead of diverting energy from the light bulb into a resistor, modern resistors rapidly shut the light circuit off and on to reduce the total amount of energy flowing through the circuit. The light bulb circuit is switched off many times every second.


The switching cycle is built around the fluctuation of household alternating current (AC). AC current has varying voltage polarity — in an undulating sine wave, it fluctuates from a positive voltage to a negative voltage. To put it another way, the moving charge that makes up AC current is constantly changing direction. In the United States, it goes through one cycle (moving one way, then the other) 60 times a second. The diagram below shows this sixtieth-of-a-second cycle.


A modern dimmer switch “chops up” the sine wave. It automatically shuts the light bulb circuit off every time the current reverses direction; that is, whenever there is zero voltage running through the circuit. This happens twice per cycle, or 120 times a second. It turns the light circuit back on when the voltage climbs back up to a certain level.

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