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Wire Wiz Electrician Services is a local electrician in Margate New Jersey specializes in residential electrical service and repair. Our electricians arrive in vehicles fully stocked so that the repair or emergency can be resolved the same day.

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Electrical Install [GFCI]

We received a call for an electrician in Margate New Jersey. The customer called in because they had some electrical issues in their backyard; these electrical problems consisted of the GFCI breaker that controlled the backyard electrical system. It would not stop shutting off. Wire Wiz Electrician Services performed a diagnostic and found a short in the existing wiring and conduit due to the conduit deteriorating from the air by the shore. The conduit and wiring needed to be replaced. After removing the old conduit and wiring Wire Wiz Electrician Services installed new material. The GFCI breaker stayed on and the lighting in the backyard worked properly.


If you experienced the same issue give us a call. As an electrician in Margate New Jersey Wire Wiz Electrician Services offers 24/7 emergency service and a wide variety of electrical services. Wire Wiz Electrician Services in Margate New Jersey is local, family owned and operated. All our expert electricians have been trained and have been background checked. Safety is our primary concern and customer service is our top priority. We provide electrical service you can trust when you need it.


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More About Electrical Diagnostic

An electrical diagnostic can be a very long and daunting task, taking into consideration on all the different size homes from small to huge, and the age of the home whether it’s a hundred years or even a couple of years old. Every type of home has been wired a certain way to meet certain load and code demands. Wiring in an older home obviously was not wired for the demands today so diagnosing the electrical system in that home may not be as difficult compared to a home that is bigger and only a couple of years old. The newer homes are wired more complex with specialty devices protecting the wiring. That is why it is best to hire Wire Wiz Electrician Services with their knowledge on the updated codes. Codes update all the time for safety and protection for the home owner. Diagnostics come in different levels; a simple diagnostic might just be the service call for the electrician to come to your home. A lot of times it’s just that simple, sometimes it can get into diagnostic of a single circuit within your home which would cost more. Or the diagnostic could get into higher levels which would include multiple circuits if there is a major issue. Diagnosing an electrical problem does not just include finding out what the problem is but also on how to fix the problem. Fixing the electrical problem can involve many things which could include installing a dedicated circuit or just simply replacing an electrical device. Whatever the issue might be problem solving what is wrong the electrical circuit or circuits in a small, big, old or new home and fixing them safely is all part of the process of diagnosing an electrical circuit.