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Wire Wiz Electrician Services is a local electrician in Linwood New Jersey specializes in residential electrical service and repair. Our electricians arrive in vehicles fully stocked so that the repair or emergency can be resolved the same day.

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Electrical Install [GFCI]

We received a call for an electrician in Linwood New Jersey about having no power in a bathroom and several other rooms in their home. Wire Wiz Electrician Services did a diagnostic to locate the problem. We found no issues with receptacles and wiring, as we investigated further we found that their GFCI in their bathroom no longer worked properly. We asked when was the last time that they replaced the GFCI in the bathroom? The customer said it has been a long time and didn’t know they needed the GFCI to be replaced. After replacing the GFCI with a new one and installing a dedicated circuit for the other rooms everything turned on and they were up and running in no time.


If you are experiencing the same electrical issues don’t hesitate to call us right away. As a local electrician in Linwood New Jersey Wire Wiz Electrician Services offers 24/7 service and a wide variety of electrical services. Wire Wiz Electrician Services is local, family owned and operated. All our expert electricians have been trained and have been background checked. Safety is our primary concern and customer service is our top priority. We provide electrical service you can trust when you need it.


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More About GFCI

GFCI Receptacles are devices that detect an unbalance load in-between the Ungrounded Conductor and the Grounded Conductor. This device works by measuring the current leaving the ungrounded side of the power source and checks equality to the current returning to the grounded or neutral side of the power source. If the current is not equal, this indicates that some of the current has taken another path, possibly through water or a person, and the GFCI device shuts off like a circuit breaker shuts off power. This device was created to reduce electrical shock when dealing with water and electricity. According to NEC code GFCIs need to be installed in the following areas which include kitchens and bathrooms or by a sink, they also need to be installed in garages or anywhere outside. Every GFCI receptacle comes with a Reset or Test button, when the GFCI detects a ground fault and shuts off you can reset the GFCI by pushing the Reset switch, the GFCI will only reset when the ground fault is corrected. It is highly recommended to test the GFCI once a month to ensure that it is still working by pushing the Test button. Once it has shut off and you have completed the test on the device you can reset the GFCI by pushing the Reset button. GFCI’s are also made in a circuit breaker style so that it can be installed on the entire circuit in the electrical panel. These type of circuit breakers work the same way as the receptacle. Even though these receptacles are rated to work for outside they need to be installed in a weather proof box.