Electrical systems may be safety hazards if not properly maintained.


It’s a fact: nearly 36,000 home fires are caused by electrical failures every year. Regular electrical home safety inspections keeps your home safe from electrical fires and gives you peace of mind.


Want to make sure your electrical home safety inspections are done properly?


Electrical home safety inspections completed by Wire Wiz Electrician Services in Southern New Jersey generally assesses five areas: Safety, Electrical Service Panel, Interior Outlets/Lighting, Wet Area Outlets, and Wiring. All of that is standard, with Wire Wiz Electrician Services our 30 years of experience allow us to offer even more.

Here’s Our Secret to Success


Right from the start, we aim for 100% guaranteed satisfaction. What does this mean for you?


• Your needs come first. Throughout the electrical home inspection, we communicate directly with you about points of safety, compliance codes, and the condition of your electrical systems. This puts you in control—you decide what happens next.


• Every electrical home inspection has the same high standards. We conduct every inspection with a detailed checklist in order to provide you with the same quality, every time.


• If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. We want to leave you feeling 100% satisfied. If you feel we missed something, let us know immediately, and we will work with you until you are happy with the results.


• Your service will always be fast and dependable. We know you value your time. That’s why we promise to meet with you promptly, every time you call on us.

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Why are Electrical Home Safety Inspections necessary?

One of the most crucial components of any home is its electrical system.


Electrical systems may be safety hazards if not properly maintained.


We are often called in after homeowners or home inspectors disclose aluminum wiring or by homeowners looking for a report on the condition of their home wiring.




Advantages of Electrical Inspection


• Home sellers can proactively provide a detailed report on the condition of their aluminum wiring increasing the number of potential buyers, minimizing costly delays and correcting potential home inspection defects.


• Home buyers will gain an understanding of the condition of the aluminum wiring in their prospective new home along with the cost to alleviate the fire hazard both temporarily and permanently.


• Realtors and home inspectors can shift the liability regarding the disclosure and condition of aluminum wiring to the aluminum wiring experts.

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Why Wire Wiz Electrician Services

Wire Wiz Electrician Services can inspect your home by surveying a sample of the devices in your home. These devices are usually the most heavily used in the home based upon our professional experience or can be revealed through conversations with the homeowners themselves.


Furthermore, Wire Wiz Electrician Services can provide a detailed report of our findings describing the condition of the connections, signs of imminent hazards, signs of previous overheating, electrical panel conditions and any code violations.