Create your own lighting statement with a customized lighting layout.


Do you ever feel like your home looks a little dull? Want to make your home feel fresh again? Here are three reasons Wire Wiz Electrician Service’s recessed lighting design and installation in Atlantic and Cape May Counties, New Jersey creates a fresh, new style.

Three Reasons for Recessed Lighting


1. Recessed Light Fixtures Revitalize Your Home with Charm and Finesse
Picture this: You’re throwing a dinner party. As your guests arrive, they’re greeted with ambient light on the front porch, light that seemingly pours out from formerly-shadowed areas.
As guests come inside, they find a warm glow coming from the living and dining rooms. Everything seems well lit, but the light is soft. The atmosphere is comfortable, warm . . . inviting. The effect is magical.
But the story doesn’t end here.


2. Recessed Light Fixtures Create Convenience
You’re in the kitchen. Everything you do seems easier. There are no more shadows while you cook. As you carry your dinner out to your guests, additional switches make it easy to change the atmosphere. From the table, you press a switch and the edges of the room dim slightly while your dinner table brightens.
The food looks tantalizing. There’s a calm energy in the room. Everyone is happy.


3. Recessed Light Fixtures Allow Customized Design
After your guests leave, you sit down in the living room. You grab a remote, push a few buttons, and the lights taper off to a slight glow.

The Experts Say:

The experts may recommend that you have recessed lights installed in your hallways and/or kitchen, to get the best use out of this form of lighting.


Recessed lights are installed in the form of canister lights that will fit the holes in the ceiling they were fitted for.


You will probably need an experienced electrician to guide the installation team in the installation of your recessed lighting, so that the finished work results with the recessed lights are set flush with the ceiling structure without compromising safety.


You will feel content that Wire Wiz Electrician Services does it all.


Create your own lighting story with a customized lighting layout. Call Wire Wiz Electrician Services today to make your house glow.


Recessed Lighting Design and Installation | More Information


One of the most versatile lighting systems is recessed lighting. With the many styles, colors and sizes available, recessed lighting presents many benefits to homeowners in Southern New Jersey and Shore Locations.
A money saving benefit is that recessed lights use the most energy efficient lighting parts and operates on a lower voltage than other lighting choices. It uses a dimmer switch to reduce electricity usage. Recessed lighting can be installed anywhere and is a highly customizable lighting choice.

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