Electrical GFI switches provide safety in the bathroom.


Is it time for a bathroom lighting installation specialists to upgrade your bathroom lighting? Southern New Jersey and Shore Location homeowners often desire a little flair in their bathrooms they are so frequently used. Add a touch of luxury with sconces, dimmers, or even chandeliers. Many homeowners are finding the desire to decorate with elegant lighting, exhaust fans and updates to the electrical outlets.


Wire Wiz Electrician Services are your bathroom lighting installation specialists with extensive experience installing canned or recessed lighting, directional lighting and decorative designer light pieces for the vanity or sink areas. GFI outlet installations are routinely done for many remodels and upgrades to residences around the Southern New Jersey areas including Shore Locations.

Some Bathroom Electrical Lighting Ideas


• Recessed lighting with dimmer switches over showers provides elegant and mood lighting to enhance relaxation.


• Unique lighting provides beautiful finishing touches to create the elegance many home owners desire in their designer bathrooms.


• Heated Infrared lighting creates warmth through lighting and may have healthy benefits to the user.


• Track and Accent Lighting can show off beautiful cabinetry or showcase tubs, spas or showers.

Custom Bathroom Remodels

Combining electricity and water in a tight space takes a professional.


Not long ago, a bathroom’s light came from one simple fixture in the ceiling. Today, homeowners are getting bathroom lighting installed over each mirror, in cabinets, along the floor and even in the shower head.


Getting a homeowner’s vision of lighting in the bathroom can be tricky and intricate. Plumbing throws up some obstacles, as does the need for different levels of illumination in different areas.


Wire Wiz Electrician Services has installed all kinds of lights in bathrooms both simple and complex.


Bathroom Safety Ideas


Electrical GFI outlet installs provide safety to bathroom users who use electric appliances and accessories.


• Protects your young children.


• Curling irons


• Hair dryers


• Electric Razors


• Any other electrical accessories

Why Wire Wiz Electrician Services | Bathroom Lighting Installation Specialists

Wire Wiz Electrician Services will be your bathroom lighting installation specialists who helps you see your space in a whole new light with custom home, kitchen and bathroom lighting. If your home, kitchen or bathroom can’t presently support your chosen fixtures, we will customize the wiring to suit your specifications.


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