Do not underestimate the power of the thermostat.


One of the most effective ways to control your monthly heating and cooling costs in your Atlantic and Cape May County home is with a digital thermostat installation from Wire Wiz Electrician Services!


In many cases, older homes throughout South Jersey have antiquated thermostats. Old thermostats are not designed to efficiently control the use of your air conditioner or furnace. New digital thermostats are programmable, giving you precise control over your air conditioning and heating resulting in excellent energy savings.


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Benefits of a Digital Thermostat Installation


A new digital thermostat installation in your home has many excellent advantages. Some of those advantages include:


• Easy to Program
• All-In-One Control
• Reduced Energy Costs
• Easy to See Screen


A new digital thermostat installation, professionally installed by Wire Wiz Electrician Services, can reduce your monthly heating and cooling expenses by up to 33% a month. With energy costs from utilities going up every year, it is more important than ever to keep heating and cooling costs controlled. Call us today to get a free in-home analysis and learn about the benefits of a new digital thermostat installation.

Is it time to upgrade your thermostat?

Has the time come to upgrade your thermostat? If you’re still operating your heating and cooling system with a conventional thermostat, then you may want to learn more about your thermostat replacement options.


Today’s thermostats are easier to read and they offer numerous options that were previously unavailable, such as programmability, wireless control and smartphone remote control. A digital thermostat is the current basic standard for new HVAC systems, and it may be your best bet if you’re looking for something simple with some programming capabilities, but nothing too complicated.


A wireless thermostat ensures that your thermostat does not have to be hard–wired to your HVAC system, thus giving you greater flexibility as to its placement. For the ultimate in convenience, a smart thermostat can give you all that and more, including the ability to control your home’s entire HVAC system with the use of your smartphone or tablet.


You will feel secure that Wire Wiz Electrician Services does it all very well.


Start saving energy and lowering your monthly utility bill. Call Wire Wiz Electrician Services today to make your house energy efficient with a digital thermostat installation.


Digital  Thermostat Installation | More Information


Do not underestimate the power of the thermostat. While it may not be the largest or most expensive part of your heating and cooling system, it is undoubtedly one of the most important.


It is a control system designed to make the necessary adjustments to your HVAC system in order to bring the living space up or down to your specified temperature. It can truly make or break the comfort of your home, and Wire Wiz Electrician Services strive to make sure that it works exactly as it should.


We offer a comprehensive range of thermostats for installation and replacement in your home. Whether you select a digital, wireless or a smart thermostat is up to you, though we can help you make an informed decision based on your budget, as well as your heating and cooling preferences.

Have you heard about Hydronic Baseboard Heating?


Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Create greater comfort and enhanced energy efficiency with advanced electric hydronic baseboard heaters.


Avoid the costliness of central heating systems by taking a zoned approach to room heating truly an alternative worth consideration!


A cost savings benefit is that the heat continues to radiate long after the heaters have been turned off.


Start saving energy and lowering your monthly utility bill. Call Wire Wiz Electrician Services today to make your house energy efficient with hydronic baseboard heating.


Why Wire Wiz Electrician Services

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