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Wire Wiz Electrician Services are pendant lighting installation specialists. Over the years our electricians have installed, repaired and replaced pendant lighting installations in our local community.


New pendant lighting can add luxury, beauty, ambiance, and personality to any Atlantic or Cape May County residence. Whether you need to replace an existing pendant light fixture with a new one or are having a problem with a broken pendant light fixture, our trained electricians and pendant lighting installation specialists can add, install, or replace any pendant light fixtures you wish. Regardless of the size of your project, we can complete it on-budget and on-schedule regardless of the size.

What is Pendant Lighting?


Pendant lighting is any light fixture that is mounted to the ceiling with a canopy and hangs down from the canopy on a rod or chain or, sometimes, on three chains. It’s suspended like the pendant on a necklace, and that’s where it gets its name.


One of the values of a pendant lighting fixture is that it brings the light down from the ceiling and puts it closer to the counter or table where you need it, or just down to a more effective height for the room, if you have a high ceiling.


Pendant lighting is used for task lighting over counters and tables in a kitchen, and for general lighting, usually in the center of the room. Because the definition is so broad, there are a lot of different, and different-looking, pendant lighting fixtures that are called pendants. The most common are the ones that have a single light bulb mounted base up, inside a globe or an open shade, including an open reflector. But lanterns, chandeliers and all the different heads available for track lights are also part of the family.


There are also a lot of different ways we use pendant lighting. Pendants are used for general lighting, area lighting and task lighting. We use them in our entry halls, stairwells, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and family rooms; even on our porches. We use pendant lights to light up narrow hallways, to highlight our photos, paintings and sculpture, and to add sparkle to a fountain. Pendant lighting, in one form or another, does the work we need done almost anywhere in our homes.

Types of Pendant Lighting:

• Mini-Pendants are the smallest version of a pendant light fixture. Pendants are commonly used to illuminate isolated work spaces such as a desk, Kitchen Island, or anywhere additional task lighting is needed.


• Multi Light Pendants are lighting fixtures with multiple hanging lights connected to one central fixture. It provides a look similar to individual pendants, but is more convenient for rooms with only one overhead electrical opening.


• Down Light Pendants are pendant fixtures that direct light downward. This type of pendant is best for task illumination as the light shines completely on the project at hand.


• Up Light Pendants are pendant fixtures that direct light upward. This type of pendant is best for general illumination as the light shines upward making a space feel larger.


• Drum Pendants are pendant light fixtures that have a cylindrical drum shade. They can work with virtually every style in any room.


As experienced electricians we are pendant lighting installation specialists. We work to ensure the installation of your pendant lighting achieves the desired look and mood intended.


You will feel content that Wire Wiz Electrician Services does it all.


Create your own lighting story with a customized lighting layout. Call Wire Wiz Electrician Services today to make your house glow.


Pendant Lighting Installation Specialists | More Information


Pendant lighting can be described in a single word, that word is “versatile.” Pendant lighting comes in all shapes, colors, and styles to fit your particular design aesthetic, they can be used to serve the three main lighting functions that you’ll find in well-lit homes: general, accent, and task lighting. You can use them just about anywhere. Below are five places where pendant lighting will enhance your home.


  • Kitchen Island
  • Entryway
  • Dining Room Table
  • Bathroom Vanity
  • Bedside Table

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Wire Wiz Electrician Services are considered pendant lighting installation specialists. Our electricians will always treat your home just as if it were their own home or better.


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