Home programmable lighting control systems are affordable and easy to use.


Programmable Lighting Control Systems give you the ability to turn your lights on and off automatically in timed intervals and add ambiance to your home. Programming your lights to randomly turn on/off while you’re out of town will reduce the chance of theft. Additionally you will save energy and money by programming the lights so they do not stay on all night (garage, patio ,holiday, backyard pool and pond pump lights).


We can easily create programs that will best fit your lifestyle.

Take Control of Your Home Lighting


Programmable Lighting Control Systems installed by Wire Wiz Electrician Services is one of the fastest growing home technologies in Atlantic and Cape May Counties in New Jersey.


The Programmable lighting control systems will allow you to use light systems to set a mood, control appliances and multimedia devices, save energy, provide security and most of all improve your lifestyle with total lighting control at the touch of a button.

Do you entertain frequently?

Imagine being able to set the mood for a gathering of friends, or an intimate dinner for two with soft light in the dining area but darkness everywhere else, or have the ability to create brilliant lighting to set a festive scene for holiday parties.


Envision the perfect lighting and music for an evening Hawaiian party or barbecue by the pool.


Generate a home theatre experience for movie night with the kids, or a pub experience in your game room as you entertain friends for a casual game of billiards.


Every one of these scenarios can be obtained with Programmable Lighting Control Systems. You have the control and flexibility to meet and enhance all of your lifestyle needs with a Programmable Lighting Control System.


Call Wire Wiz Electrician Services today to discuss installing your own programmable lighting control systems and make your house glow.



Does a home safety and security concern keep you up at night? A programmable lighting control system can alleviate those fears and allow you a peaceful night’s sleep.


Use a visor control button to turn on the outside and inside lights before returning home at night. Integrate lighting into your home security system that will turn on lights and illuminate an escape path in the event of a fire, or that will turn on all lights in the event or a break in. These elements will ensure peace of mind and help to keep your family safe and secure.


Do you travel frequently? Imagine vacationing without worry because you programmed a variety of lighting schemes that will give the appearance that your home is occupied.


Living green and using green products has become an important movement in today’s world. Programmable Lighting Control Systems can help with that realm and will be a significant tool in your efforts to reduce your energy consumption.


Dimming lights can notably reduce your electric bill. Additionally programming the system to turn off lights and appliances when a room is unoccupied or turn off the outside lights when you forget will decrease your cost. Integrate the system with your thermostat to automatically decrease the heat temperature in the evening and increase it in the morning.


Set your system to slowly bring up the lights and music for a gentle start to your day, or have your system turn on your home office lights, computer and coffee machine to get your mornings started with purpose.


These systems provide a wide flexibility to controlling your lighting, appliances, multimedia devices and thermostats, and will contribute directly to your energy and cost saving efforts.

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