Make your kitchen your favorite room in the house.


Are you ready to get rid of your old, ugly fixtures in your kitchen? Wire Wiz Electrician Services is here to help you get the wiring right and make your space more pleasant and livable. Call us to do your kitchen lighting installation upgrade. Southern New Jersey and Shore Location homeowners trust our eye for style and our electrical ability. We can customize your kitchen lighting installation to fit your lifestyle and needs. Wire Wiz Electrician Services are the kitchen lighting specialists you have been searching for.

Your Favorite Room in the House


Make your kitchen your favorite room in the house. Depending on the level of natural light, you may need only minimal accent lighting, or a whole new lighting system. There are many styles to choose from:


• Recessed Lighting
• Pendant Lighting
• Under Cabinet Lighting
• Chandelier Lighting
• Modern Track Lighting


Keep in mind that your kitchen lighting installation should not only add style to the room, but functionality as well. Task lighting is designed to give you direct light exactly where you need it; specifically for your work surfaces.


The kitchen is the one place that is shown off the most with masterful lighting and delightful shadowing that makes food preparation and presentation a unique art. And the Art of elegant lighting can make all the difference in showing of the perfect Chef or designer wares in the best light. As kitchen lighting installation specialists, Wire Wiz Electrician Services can help you highlight your kitchen to meet your vision.

Kitchen Electrical and Lighting Ideas:

• Over Stove Spotlighting


• Over Island Recessed Lighting


• Appliance Spot Lights


• Under Cabinet Lighting


• Specialty Sink Lighting


• Pantry Lights


• Ceiling Fans with Directional Lighting


• Dimmer Switches


• Appliance Circuits


• Smoke Detectors


• Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Custom Kitchen Remodels


The center of the home must be warm, inviting and well lit, all at the same time. Whether you’re doing a complete remodel or a simple upgrade, Wire Wiz Electrician Services, the kitchen lighting installation specialists, pays close attention to your vision and offers solutions to match any budget. Whether you choose recessed, canned lights, pendant or semi-flush options, we know the opportunities and limitations of each.


When Southern New Jersey and Shore Location homeowners start planning new kitchen lighting installation it’s time to call Wire Wiz Electrician Services, the kitchen lighting installation specialists. Wire Wiz Electrician Services can move switches, add new outlets and even install appliances in ways that complement your new lighting. Reliable, as well as fully licensed and insured, we work with both individual homeowners and general contractors.


Southern New Jersey and Shore Location homeowners can enjoy elaborate and beautiful lighting in their kitchen with Wire Wiz Electrician Services.


Call us if you’re looking for new ideas to beautify your home with electrical upgrades to lighting or new kitchen appliance wiring.