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Energy Savings with Dimmer Switches

Energy Savings with Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are an inexpensive way to save on your electric bill.

Residential lighting accounts for about 15 percent of your home’s electricity costs. Dimmer switch installation is an easy way to help reduce your electricity demand and save energy while adding atmosphere options in your home. Dimmer switches are often used to create soft mood lighting; they also work throughout your home to help govern consumption, and ultimately lower your electric bills.

Using Dimmer Switches

Permanent light fixtures use a certain amount of electricity to produce light, determined by the fixture’s hardware and light bulb wattage. However, dimmer switches put you in control of how much electricity your light fixtures use. They replace flip-type light switches, which only turn fixtures on and off; dimmers usually operate with a dial or sliding bar control. Adjusting the control adjusts the wattage output, resulting in more or less electricity and light as you need it. In Atlantic and Cape May Counties Wire Wiz Electrician Services has been helping families plan their use if dimmer switches for more than 30 years. If you are not familiar with electrical work, it would be wise to give them a call for your dimmer switch installation.

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Energy Savings

The amount of energy saved with dimmer switches varies greatly, depending on how much you dim the lights, how long they are dimmed and which type of bulbs you choose. Energy savings using compact fluorescent light bulbs mirrors the level of reduction, meaning that lowering the lights by 25 percent results in a 25-percent energy savings during the time the dimmer is used. Upgrading to high-efficiency light fixtures with efficient light bulbs results in more energy savings than installing dimmer switches to operate ordinary fixtures. The choice in choosing a dimmer switch installation over an energy efficient switch and bulb will have to do with the atmosphere you intend to create in your home.

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Residential Dimmer Switch Locations

If installing dimmer switches in every room isn’t possible, get the most benefit from using them in rooms where your needs fluctuate. The average wattage of permanently installed lighting is often higher in the following rooms; Master bathrooms top the list at 317 watts for the average permanently installed light fixture, 250 watts for kitchens, 235 watts for dining rooms, 207 watts for hallways, 201 watts for living rooms, 190 watts for secondary bathrooms and 107 watts for master bedrooms. Each of these spaces in your home is a candidate for energy-saving dimmer switch installations because they don’t always require the brightest possible light. When you install a dimmer switch you will also reap the benefits of that beautiful atmosphere created by that lighting.

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Give Wire Wiz Electrician Services a call so we can help you plan the best use of dimmer switch installation is your home.

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