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At some point in life we all realize how fast time goes by. As we celebrate our 30th year of our electrical services business, I experienced that moment with such clarity. From our humble beginnings to the present day the one constant in our business has been our customers. Many of our customers have been connected to Wire Wiz Electrician Services for years allowing us to take care of their electrical needs whenever an issue or design concept arose. Others have joined our family of customers and experience the level of service and care that our reputation is built upon.


My epiphany of how rapidly time moves caused me to analyze an important concept of service and that has always resonated with me. I realized that we have always been a service oriented family and company and that has brought such joy to our lives. That being said, when I think about the future, I can say with confidence that service will continue to be the focal point of what we will pursue as we strive to make our customers happy on a daily basis.


When I think of service I recall an emergency phone call we received last summer in the middle of the night from a renter staying in Ocean City, New Jersey. It was a hot summer night and their electricity turned off suddenly and they no longer had A/C. We were the only electricians who were willing to come out in the middle of the night. When Michael got home early in the morning he shared that the problem was in the electrical panel. Because of the moist salty air the wire became corroded and one of the wires came loose. This caused an arc in the electrical system which shorted out and caused the loss of electricity. Michael was able to fix the issue and the renter was so appreciative and pleased with the rapid and excellent service. As Michael always says, service is the name of the game and that’s what we are all about. The A/C was fixed and the renters were very happy.


This is just one of many positive experiences we’ve had with our customers. To all of our past, present and future customers, Michael and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your continued support of our electrician services is greatly appreciated.

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