Spring time is just about here and with it comes the annual ritual of spring-cleaning.  “Electrical safety” is an excellent component to add to your annual checklist. If you are like me protecting your family and home is your main priority and the most important responsibility, you’ll ever have.


10 Electrical Safety Tips

  1. Keep power cords and electrical equipment away from moisture

Making contact with charged water is very dangerous and can be life threatening. If you accidentally drop a hair dryer or other plugged-in appliance into water, NEVER unplug it or pick it up before shutting off electricity to the proper circuit. Allow the device to dry for a few days and then have electrical professional examine the appliance to determine if it is safe and still functional.

  1. Call before you dig.

If it is necessary to dig on your property for home improvements or upgrades (such as adding a new pool or sprinkler system for your garden) prevent damage to underground electrical equipment and avoid potential injury by making sure it is safe to dig. You must call New Jersey One Call at 811. New Jersey law requires residents to call at least three full business days prior to digging.

  1. Plug countertop appliances into GFCI Outlets.

If an appliance malfunctions or falls into water, the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Outlet shuts off the electricity to the appliance and prevents electrical shock in wet locations.

  1. Check electrical devices for UL labels.

Underwriters Laboratories certifies the safety of electrical devices, but the appliance and electrical market has seen a growing number of counterfeit UL labels. Look for the UL label on your devices, and read this article by Underwriters Laboratories to learn how to spot a fake label.

  1. Clean your exhaust hood after a long winter of indoor cooking.

Food particles, dust, and oil buildup promotes bacteria growth and can be a potential fire hazard. Remove and clean the hood filter, and make sure to use a degreaser to clean exposed surfaces.

  1. Vacuum the coils behind your refrigerator.

Dirt and dust buildup contributes to appliance inefficiency and is also a potential fire hazard. It is important to clean the refrigerator coils every few months. When you return the refrigerator to its proper place, leave room behind it for air to safely circulate.

  1. Clean dryer ducts.

Dryer fires are a major hazard that can be avoided by cleaning the interior and exterior of your dryer hose each year. Every six months, inspect the dryer vent for clogs and lint buildup. There are many professional HVAC companies that provide a thorough dryer vent inspection and cleaning if you are unable to do this, yourself.

  1. Check lamp and fixture wattages

It is important to have the proper bulb wattages in your lamps and light fixtures so while you are spring cleaning check them out. Bulb wattages should be equal to or less than manufacturer recommendations, which are listed on the individual fixture.

  1. Check power strips and surge suppressors.

These electrical devices are designed to manage a specified electrical load. Avoid circuit overload or a possible fire by not plugging too many items into the same outlet.

  1. Schedule an electrical inspection.

Inspections are important for homeowners especially when moving into a new house or out of your old home. Wire Wiz Electrician Services team of professionals performs visual inspections, inspects circuit panels, and brings all electrical systems up to date and code.


Learn more about Electrical Safety

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), the risk of electrical fire is a big concern for homeowners. Over 28,600 annual electrical fires lead to 310 deaths, 1,100 injuries, and more than $1 billion in property loss and damages. At Wire Wiz Electrician Services our team educates the community about electrical safety so families can feel secure in their homes. To schedule an electrical inspection or discuss safety concerns you have with a member of the Wire Wiz Electrician Services team call our office at 609-646-WIRE.

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