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How to Safely Close Up and Prepare Your Shore Home for Winter

When it comes to closing up your shore and/or vacation home after a beautiful and fun filled summer, safety should always be at the top of your check list. To ensure the safety of your home during your absence for the next several months we suggest knowing how to properly shut off any and all electricity. Calling your electric company to completely shut off your homes power supply or even simply switching the entire breaker box to “off”, or shutting off the gas line to the house are all always an option and quite possibly the easiest option. However, if your shore home requires certain essential appliances, such as the heater, to continuously run throughout the winter then here are some steps we have gathered to sufficiently assist you.


When closing up a shore/vacation home that is unable to have the electricity totally shut off your first step should be to find the circuit breakers that belong to the essential operations or appliances your home requires and label the switches in the breaker box. You will thus want to do the same with the non-essential switches and label them with a different color, letter, or phrase. After finding the switches and labeling them it is done and will not have to ever be redone again. If it seems far too time consuming for you to go on a switch hunt then it might be easier for you to go around and simply unplug your non-essential appliances. Once the witches are differentiated you can then switch the non-essential breakers to “off”.

If your shore/vacation home is located in an area that is known to have pretty harsh winters then you might want to consider leaving your heater on to protect the pipes from freezing. But if you do decide to keep the heat off throughout winter here are a few suggestions to help deter the possibility of frozen pipes; make sure to drain your hot water heater, flush all toilets, drain water tank on the toilets, and pour approved antifreeze down all drains.

These steps mainly sum up the electrical portion of closing up your shore home in preparation for the upcoming winter months. We hope we were able to help you close down your shore home successfully and begin to enjoy the laid back feel of fall and winter!


If you would feel more comfortable to have one of Wire Wiz Electrician Services expert on-site electricians come out to help you close up your vacation home please call us. We will be happy to help.

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