Interior Lighting Options Matter

There’s no better way to enhance the mood in your home than to try lighting options. Mood can be set to enhance your home from bright and lively to soft and romantic or any other theme you may desire for the Holiday’s. Lighting in your home should be comforting, adjustable, functional, and should always enhance your visual surroundings.

Lighting is not always about the light. A big part of the choices we make in our interior and exterior lighting involves the style, color, and textures of the lighting fixtures selected.


Lighting Fixture Options

Your lighting choices for your home include but not limited to:

  • Recessed Lighting
  • Hanging Lighting
  • Rope Lighting
  • Track Lighting
  • Lamp Lighting
  • Floor Lighting
  • Chandelier Lighting
  • Ceiling Fan Lighting
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Low Watt Lighting for Night Lighting
  • Tube Lighting
  • Crystal Lighting
  • Cabinet or Display Lighting
  • Spot Lighting

The type and style of lighting fixtures you choose will likely determine how great of strength of light you’re supplying the areas covered by the particular fixture you have installed. For example, a good track light system can light up many areas of a room. They can be adjusted to hit all four walls or mixed around to hit any areas you want.

On the other hand, the recessed lighting has a fixed area of coverage, but still offers you much light coverage. Smaller low lights would be your lamp lighting, spot lighting, and night lighting that are used to low light or high light areas you want to draw attention to.

Most homes have many different fixture types involved in the home and so can yours. If you have a standard built home, you’re probably stuck with very few lights that don’t do a lot for you either in function or design. The good news is that with the right plan, you can make a completely different look and feel for your home with additional lighting!

Sufficient Home Lighting Is Important

Light is so important in our lives. We need to be able to see well inside our homes, and light coming through windows from the day just isn’t enough when you need enough light to stay safe. Supplementing your lighting is easy when you have a professional from Wire Wiz Electrician Services who’s experienced in home lighting options.

Wire Wiz Electrician Services professionals can help you pick and choose just the right options for the areas you want to illuminate. We have great ideas, are knowledgeable about all the modern lighting options and designs, and understand all the technical information including what light bulbs to purchase.


Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Consider

When searching “kitchen lighting ideas” – it’s important to focus on the fact, that your kitchen is a primary work area. It is also a gathering place for family and friends. Comfy and functional lighting is suggested. For island and counter areas that are used for food preparation and cooking, recessed lighting is the perfect choice for enhanced, almost shadow free illumination when placed overhead.

For counter areas with cabinetry under cabinet lighting is a wonderful choice. Effective under cabinet lighting should be placed toward the front of the cabinet allowing the light to reflect down and off of the backsplash. This placement helps eliminate shadows and dark areas. This permits your entire countertop area to remain functional.

Consider employing a linear light source above your cabinets. This design element adds both function and design. The result is both a brighter ceiling, as well as an indirect warm glow that will fill the highest reaches of your kitchen space.

When looking into kitchen lighting ideas keep in mind that many of these lighting options also come in green. And by green we mean environmentally friendly LED bulbs, which serve both sustainable and also economical ends which help homeowners save money and the earth at the same time.

“Smart” Home Lighting Options

You’ll have options to automate your lighting controls too. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to shut off all your home’s lights with your smartphone even if you’re thousands of miles away? Contact the Wire Wiz Electrician Services professionals any time you want the best in lighting.

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